Business Intelligence

Tableau is the fastest growing Business Intelligence platform, according to the leading research and advisory company Gartner.

One company employs various experts in their field – sales, marketing, delivery, management. They know the questions the answers of which lead to success. Tableau enables the respective experts to find answers in a large volume of information. The rapid preparation of visual analysis is available to each expert and not only to a small group of analyst experts.

Tableau helps the investments in information systems collecting and processing large amounts of data be justified. Now the gathered information is analyzed quickly and easily, whether in large Data warehouse systems or in spreadsheets or text files. Tableau has optimized connectors for virtually any data source, including Hadoop and cloud data. This means that data is analyzed wherever they are, without the need for creating additional storage facilities.

A test version can be found on the Tableau web site.

Key features of Tableau

  • It builds on all information systems
  • It combines various sources of data
  • You begin the analyses in minutes
  • There is no need for programming knowledge
  • Your analysis does not depend on the information system developers

KONTRAX consultants assist you in preparing the necessary analyses and teach your own experts to analyze the data by themselves.


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