Digital world and large databases


Each second, millions of documents are generated around the world. Their storage and management is a real challenge for any organization. Document digitalization is the manageable approach. On the other hand, digital content today is growing, which poses new challenges before the users.

KONTRAX offers a number of solutions with the help of which digitalization and management of large volumes of documents, including unstructured ones, is carried out with only one action of yours. This simplifies your work with documents and saves time. By reducing the volume of printed paper documents, you help the process of preservation of one of the most important resources on the planet – the plants.



Electronic documents are now routine, but the main means of communication is still the paper document. Contracts, notary deeds, certificates, all these documents are written on paper.
The proven benefits of computers when speaking of data storage should be taken into consideration for the storage of printed documents in electronic form and their indexing. The benefit is quick document retrieval, saving physical space and sharing the risk of loss of information.
The software product Archy solves precisely these tasks using modern computer tools for creating a digital archive.

Key benefits

  • Providing a service to transform the paper record into an electronic one
  • A periodic update of the electronic archive with newly received paper documents
  • Integration of the electronic archive with other information systems
  • Payment only for the actual work done
  • No investment is necessary by the organization in scanners or other assets


CODOS – “Collaboration of documents” is a record-keeping system for document flow management within an organization and control of the set resolutions.

The modern information systems operate in a heterogeneous environment in continuous interaction with each other. Through its integration capabilities, CODOS becomes a single repository of all documents of the organization, keeping the history of all changes to documents and providing a single source of reliable information for all other information systems.


The implementation of a modern system for document flow management improves the quality of cooperation within the organization, reduces the processing time and the files processing and reduces the costs associated with the document threatment.


CODOS can be integrated with any external CRM or an analogous system, but it also provides the opportunity to support its own corresponding base by setting arbitrary attributes to each type of third parties, allowing full traceability of the correspondence chronology.


All the main objects of the system – files, documents, correspondents and resolutions, are configured according to the needs of the organization.


In the process of introducing CODOS, all the attributes necessary for the proper functioning of a system in that particular organization are defined.


CODOS supports various receiving channels for documents – the documents can be submitted by an employee in the CODOS system. The system has the ability to automatically recognize scanned text, emails or any other type of documents sent from another system via the web services provided by CODOS.


CODOS is used to take into account the pace of execution of tasks with the possibility of notification about upcoming or expired implementation deadlines. The tasks associated with document flow can be given by a certain manager or employee by assigning then the nessecairy permissions.


CODOS provides prerequisites for the implementation of e-governance in accordance with the Electronic Management Act and regulations, as well as for confidential records keeping.


ISMC has been working successfully for nearly ten years in a number of municipalities and committees in Bulgaria – a solution specifically designed for the preparation and conduct of meetings entirely electronically, thereby achieving order and optimization of the work. The advantages of the electronic mode of operation are indisputable:

  • All documents are stored electronically and all information is available in the computer database
  • The electronic documents are arranged in files and are easily accessible to every juror via laptop or tablet
  • To each file can be added both scanned paper documents and document files containing additional information, graphics and opinions of the standing committee


The system is developed by KONTRAX and allows participants in the meetings to get acquainted with all the documents for the upcoming session. During the discussions the juror requests to speak and the President sees all requests on the screen of their computer, arranged in order of their receipt. The system monitors the speaking time, if necessary. Voting is done electronically, and the results thereof are automatically reflected in the minutes of the meeting.

Every major public organization or corporation holds regular meetings. Annually, more than 16 million sheets of paper are spent for meetings of municipal councils alone. This documentation is stored in the archives and they overflow.

The introduction of the system improved working conditions and the level of communication, completely eliminating paper document flow. This means preserved nature, saved time and money nationwide, secure storage of information and the easy use in the future.

Main features

  • Processing and storage of all documents related to the meeting
  • Monitoring and updating of the information about each file
  • Servicing the work of the committees and recording their opinions on each file
  • Organization of the information flow between the committees, the secretariat and outside organizations
  • Preparing the agenda of the session
  • Supporting the work of the session
  • Electronic voting
  • Archiving and easy search for documents and solutions on defined criteria


Infocenter is a solution by KONTRAX to build a contact center of a given organization. The solution includes a set of technologies – voice transfer, web interface, web services, email and other channels.

Infocenter sends queries, alerts, complaints, etc. that are classified in accordance with the organization's rules. According to this classification, calls are routed to the appropriate department in the organization.
Registered users are regularly informed about the actions taken regarding their calls. The option for integration with Google Maps allows accurate positioning of the recorded call.

The interactive voice system supports the distribution of calls to a specific operator.
Infocenter is integrated with a specialized system based on Business Intelligence to generate random reports.


Infocenter allows the performance of outbound telephone campaigns. Individual settings are set for each campaign for its duration, number of contact attempts and other parameters in accordance with the needs of the organization. Data on the phones and information associated with them are loaded the pre-prepared files. An interactive script is created for each campaign, that assists the operator in their conversation with the client. At the end of the campaign, results from scripts can be exported and further processed to extract additional information about the organization’s needs.

Smolyan District Administration
Smolyan District Administration

Creation of an info point system for external use on the territory of the Smolyan District

Burgas Municipality
Burgas Municipality

Building a comprehensive information system for the work of Burgas Municipal Council