The company

KONTRAX JSC was established in 1992 as an international holding of companies in six Eastern European countries with headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Since 2000, KONTRAX has been an entirely Bulgarian private company. The long years of experience and the broad potential of the company have established it as a leading ICT provider for large private and state structures. As a result of hard work and good management, it takes a leading position on the Bulgarian IT market.

Today, KONTRAX is a group of companies specialized in system integration, distribution, engineering, outsourcing, development software, Internet delivery, stationery and furniture, congress tourism and manufacturing.

According to the IDG ratings in recent years, KONTRAX is always among the Top 10 of the ICT market and is a leading system integrator in Bulgaria.

KONTRAX is also one of the few IT companies that found a place in BusinessWeek’s list of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in Bulgaria according to the Standard & Poors’ standards.

KONTRAX is one of the biggest taxpayers in the country – a fact proving the company’s successful business.

The wide range of products and services as well as the level of professional qualification of the team allows the implementation of complex projects tailored to the client’s specific needs. The company has a well-developed service network in all regional cities. Among its clients are the biggest public and private organizations.

The company has implemented many projects in the Balkan countries, as well as in distant Mongolia. It has its offices in Romania, Macedonia and China.


    • Leading market positions
    • Qualified, highly motivated and knowledgeable team
    • Large client base
    • Huge experience gained from a great number of projects implemented in complex conditions in various areas of ICT
    • Rich portfolio of high-tech products and services
    • Excellent network of trade and service offices throughout the country
    • Presence on the Balkans
    • End-to-end service
    • Excellent internal organization
    • Direct contacts with leading global manufacturers
    • Competitive prices
    • Individual approach and flexible policy towards clients and their requirements
    • A Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
    • An Information Security Management System ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701:2019
    • A Service Management System ISO 20000-1:2018
    • An Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015
    • An Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018
    • NATO Allied Publication AQAP 2110
    • National level SECRET security clearance