Library systems

Systems for libraries

One of the factors to increase the effectiveness of libraries is to optimize the work of the staff in the performance of daily work and to clear time for consultations and educational activities. Continuous giving and taking of books and placing them in storage occupies a large portion of the staff’s time.


3M’s system allows readers to register on their own and to return books. The protection system prevents the removal of any book without this action being approved.


With the RFID system for returning and sorting, readers can return a book at any time of the day even without entering the library and the librarian only has to take the book from the sorting system and put it in its place.


A solution to the problem of limited space and seasonal flow of readers can be open access book funds. The RFID solution of 3M allows the establishment of open book funds and the imposition of a sanction in case of taking out a book and causing disarray on the shelves of a book depository.


Book fund protection system

Enables security cost cutting without reducing the storage quality of the book fund. KONTRAX offers comprehensive solutions by 3M, which include fund protection system, self-service system and RFID tags. The offered solutions are compatible with the following automated library systems:


Returning and sorting system

The returning and sorting system allows readers to return books at a convenient time, even outside the working hours of the library. The software automatically registers the returning and issues a receipt. A returning and sorting system can be used both in combination and separately. The system is installed in a wall inside or outside the premises.


Portable terminal

The mobile terminal is a wireless device that allows for the instantaneous reading of RFID tags from library documents. It simplifies significantly the work with a book fund – sorting, searching, inconsistency searching, etc.

Medical University – Plovdiv
Medical University – Plovdiv

Modernization of the Library and Information Center through delivery, assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment and software in 4 libraries of the Library and Information Center of MU – Plovdiv