Cloud solutions and migration

The advent of cloud technology makes expansion, maintenance and mobility a lot easier than ever before. Application of cloud technologies helps the customer to develop an information system in a modern and innovative way. Migration to the cloud is an edevour in which KONTRAX can help during each phase from the planning to the last person about to log in to the new system.




Office365 is the most common, well-known and functional model of the SaaS (Software as a Service) group, which integrates the Microsoft-based Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server and Active Directory, which users can get separately and together. The readiness of the products since the introduction of the service and their stability during their use are the reason why more and more companies turn their eyes towards the Cloud. This type of service allows the support of a huge amount of users without effort. With the ensured 99.9% readiness of the Microsoft service, users have very high levels of support, provided directly by the vendor thus eliminating the need for time and human resources. Everything happens automatically and is secured to the utmost extent. The migration to the cloud, however, does not always happen as planned or as prescribed, so KONTRAX can assist in solving problematic matters of any kind. It plans and conducts the migration and supports your structure for you, knowing that the critical email, file services and communication with clients and/or colleagues are what move your business forward.


Azure is the fastest growing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Microsoft technology in the company’s existence and is the biggest advancement in their IT environment since Active Directory camo to this world. Being based entirely on the needs of its users, Azure offers unlimited number of solutions to meet those needs, and the freedom to build whole platforms on it. With it, you can cover the full range of activities starting from backup of your personal laptop, through online security of whole services and to the development of a comprehensive production medium, which can upgrade the existing local one in functionality. KONTRAX has highly qualified and experienced specialists who can take care of the migration process so that it can go easily and quickly.


No matter which online service you decide to deploy, KONTRAX is ready to make sure that migration does not affect your natural working rhythm and goes as smooth as it can be.

Toplofikacia Sofia
Toplofikacia Sofia

Deployment of Office 365 cloud services