Digital archives


Each organization has documents that must be archived. The main reasons for the need for archiving documents are two – the information in these documents could be needed in the future for the normal course of business processes or there may be regulations that require storage of documents for a specified period of time.


The documents that often need to be used constitute the so-called operational archive. These documents must be available to be found easily and quickly. On the other hand, their frequent use could compromise the integrity of the paper originals, thus causing a risk of losing valuable information. Documents stored due to regulatory requirements are rarely used, but their volume may be large. Examples include accounting documents. Their storage is a challenge both for small organizations that do not have the necessary physical space and large ones where the volume of documents is significant and the space the archive occupies can be utilized in a more cost-effective way. Without having specialists for management of an archive department, specialized premises and systems, document archiving can be a challenge for any organization.


KONTRAX is among the leading companies for document archiving and specializes in modern management and building of archive departments. Each organization can outsource this work and benefit from the experience and capabilities of KONTRAX. The archive establishment and management service increases productivity and significantly reduces operating costs.


Document archiving processes meet the international standards ISO9001 and ISO27001. Annual auditing under these standards ensures high quality and information security.


KONTRAX offers an integrated solution for working with archive documents, allowing quick and easy access to the operational archive. After a thorough analysis and consultations with the client, the company digitizes the operational archive and provides an information system for work with the electronic one. Original documents can be exported for storage in a dedicated specialized center for document storage and be provided upon request by the client.


The process involves several key activities:


Document scanning


Document storage