Health Information Systems


Since the beginning of the health reform in Bulgaria, KONTRAX has been having a special focus on health information systems. The most recognizable medical software among physicians in Bulgaria today belongs to the product family Hippocrates, the first version of the product - Hippocrates GP, is released in 2001. The Hippocrates brand is associated with excellent software quality, personal attention of a local representative and it is a guarantee for the smooth functioning of any hospital. The Hippocrates software product family is an example of good software practice in the field of medical informatics.


Hippocrates GP

It is the software most commonly used by family doctors. Since 2002, more than half of the general practitioners have been using the program in their daily work to maintain health records for their patients and to report completed activities. The program is entirely ready to work with health insurance cards, electronic prescriptions and referrals and is the basis of the pilot project for electronic patient card in the town of Slivnitsa in 2007.

Hippocrates S

Integrated information system for hospitals with specialized paramedical care – medical centers (MC) and diagnostic-consultative centers (DCC), as well as for individual medical specialists.

Hippocrates D

Dental software aimed at dentists who need to introduce precise order in the work of their dental practice.

Hippocrates D Lite

Completely free version, which enjoys high popularity among dental practitioners.

Hippocrates Neo

Software for family doctors and specialists with a new focus based entirely on the new cloud technologies and allowing the use of any computer only through a web browser.

Hippocrates HIS

The Hospital Information System (HIS) is designed to automate the activities related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients in medical institutions for hospital care, covering all hospital units.

The Hospital Information System was developed in complying with the following basic requirements:

A patient-oriented system creates an electronic file (Electronical Patient Record) of each patient of the hospital through a chronological record of the data related to their diagnosis and treatment in it, including the data for each hospital service.
It supports the work of the entire hospital staff (doctors, nurses, secretaries, hospital management).

Enables effective management of the patient flow and the provision of quality medical services.

The Hospital Information System covers all data related to the treatment of patients under contract with the National Health Insurance Fund, financed by the Ministry of Health or paid by a voluntary health insurance fund. It ensures the receipt of all necessary reports for NHIF and Ministry of Health (monthly and annual), NSI and other external organizations.

The Hospital Information System includes technological tools for integration with other information systems based on HL7 and XML standard.

The encoding of the ICD10 diagnoses and the ICD-9 CM procedures is supported, providing an opportunity for their easy retrieval and input.

The Hospital Information System includes software tools and technology enabling the integration of HIS with other information systems. Integrations have been implemented with:
Warehouse management and accounting systems Pantheon and Ajur-L5 – transfer of overall costs for medicines and supplies spent on Out? and data on final costs of each hospital unit; calculating the cost of patient treatment; data transfer for issued medication lists by patients.

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) iLAB and Synevo – sending an HL7 message to the LIS containing patient identification data and data for the prescribed test; receiving an HL7 message from the LIS containing the result of the prescribed test performed.

Siemens’ PACS – sending HL7 messages to PACS for the appointment or planning of an imaging containing patient identification data and data on the performed prescription (Back-end integration); sending HL7 messages from SRUI in the execution of the assignment and receipt of the image containing the result of the prescribed test performed and identification of the obtained image (Front-end integration).

Hippocrates S – exchange of patient demographic data between the two systems; check of current hospital treatment of a patient who wishes to be examined by a doctor using Hippocrates S; sending of data on medical history, objective condition, diagnosis and therapy from the ambulatory sheet recorded in the Hippocrates S.


All Hippocrates family software products are KONTRAX’s own development and are supported by a professional team of programmers, testers and maintenance engineers. They allow working with electronic prescriptions, maintain electronic health records, can communicate with other health information systems through electronic referrals and following the HL7 protocol.

National Cardiology Hospital
National Cardiology Hospital

Sofia - Delivery, installation and commissioning of Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and its integration with the information system of the National Cardiology Hospital.

General Hospital St. Sofia
General Hospital St. Sofia

Delivery, installation and deployment of Hospital Information System in the Hospital and Medical Center St. Sofia