Audit, Analysis, and Assessment of IT
Infrastructure Audit of servers, virtual network infrastructure, databases, information, staff, and processes. As a result, the client receives a detailed report assessing the reliability and efficiency, the identified weaknesses, the risks and the areas for improvement accompanied by proposals for measures to improve the information infrastructure and its management processes.


IT Infrastructure Security Audit
Checking the security control of information as an asset of the company. The audit is performed on IT infrastructure, staff, and processes. As a result, the client receives a detailed report identifying the possible risks, findings, conclusions, and suggestions for corrective and preventive actions to enhance the security of the systems.


Maintenance and Servicing of IT Infrastructure
Warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance with an increased level of services for the whole range of computer, peripheral and telecommunication equipment. The support service is fully tailored to the customer's requirements. Maintenance includes repair, replacement of substandard or defective parts, prophylaxis, analysis, and suggestions for improvements.


System Administration and Technical Assistance
Overall support for complex information systems and information infrastructure, including activities such as design, planning, system administration, incident and change management, and IT asset management and administration. Services include support of workstations, servers, disk arrays, backup systems, network systems, and databases.


Cloud Solutions
Deploying and migrating to public clouds, building private clouds, hybrid solutions.


Digital Archives
Digitization of archives, indexing of documents, construction of an archival farm and external storage of documents, as well as own specialized software for working with electronic documents.