Data centers

KONTRAX offers complete integrated solutions for building new or expanding existing data centers. Our team of certified specialists advises you when choosing the optimal solution and is able to participate in the different phases of implementation:


  • Assessment of the condition, designing and building data centers
  • Development of a “conceptual” and/or “working” project with definition of the exact parameters of the necessary equipment and systems
  • Installation of servers, data storage arrays, migration of servers and systems
  • Ensuring information security and reliability of the system operations
  • Warranty and post-warranty service maintenance based on special subscription contracts for the entire country


The main manufacturers we work with in the field of building data centers are Cisco Systems, Dell, Fujitsu, Rittal, etc.

Ministry of Education and Science (MES)
Ministry of Education and Science (MES)

Acquisition of computers and hardware – building a data center and related infrastructure