Managed document services and monitoring solution


Most organizations have no idea of the number of devices that produce documents or the intensity and nature of their use. They have no objective information of how ineffective their workflows and other processes are, such as complex supply orders or time-consuming relationships with many service providers. As a result of all of the above, resources are wasted and important issues such as improving corporate sustainability and security are left unattended. Opportunities to simplify maintenance and administration are ignored and highly qualified employees spend too much time on routine work.

The Managed Document Services (MDS) of KYOCERA, which KONTRAX deploys, helps companies accurately determine costs, opening up the potential for their reduction. In practice, experience shows that MDS can reduce document costs by around 30% according to a study by Photizo Group. In addition, our services can simplify the management of production, reduce the load on IT departments and decrease carbon emissions in the organization.


The document management system of KYOCERA is a dynamic process that is designed to optimize documentary processes in the office. It consists of five phases: assessment, design, implementation, management and optimization.



During the assessment phase, consultants make a comprehensive review of existing processes, practices and technologies used by the client. The process includes analysis of everything that affects the printing environment, such as the number and location of existing devices and their use, work processes and practices, as well as user requirements. The analysis is documented and is the basis for recommendations to be made to the client in the design phase. The aim is to ensure that all future actions will be taken according to the business needs of the client and the most appropriate solutions and technologies will be determined.



Recommendations given in the design phase are company-specific and may include new processes that change the everyday way of working, and proposals to increase productivity.
The document with recommendations created during the design phase also includes an implementation plan accompanied by implementation costs and measures. Following the recommendations, the client and KONTRAX have a good basis for smooth and effective implementation.



After establishing requirements and making recommendations, KONTRAX continues, on the basis of a contractual scheme, to provide quick installation of new infrastructure.
KONTRAX ensures a smooth transition to the new environment. Typical activities at this stage include planning and implementation of equipment and software on site, elimination of obsolete or broken equipment and training of the staff to work with the innovations.



At this stage, KONTRAX has already deployed an optimized environment that meets the specific business requirements of the client.
KONTRAX ensures that the newly deployed system will work without interruptions by providing support, service maintenance and training of the client. Previously established indicators are used to ensure the effectiveness and value of services to the client.



Reports and feedback allow KONTRAX to regularly measure, monitor and improve the situation for the client. In the optimization phase, KONTRAX confirms that the client environment will continue to be the best and most balanced solution by consulting with the client about new developments and suggesting new scenarios and best practices for device optimization.


MDS is applicable not only to large international corporations. KONTRAX’s service is also suitable for small and medium businesses. It certainly helps for cost optimization and sustainable development of the organization.


Provision of the “Print & Scan” service in the branch network of DSK Bank and the head office

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Rental of equipment and full service on the basis of “price per copy”