Currently, Brand-Rex offers the following MillenniuM product lines:

Systems with copper components

  • GigaPlus – a system for building Cat.5e/Class D networks (bandwidth of up to 100MHz, data transmission of up to 1Gbps using protocol 1000BaseT)
  • Cat6Plus – a system for building Cat.6/Class E networks (bandwidth of up to 250MHz, data transmission of up to 1Gbps using protocol 1000BaseT and 1000BaseTX)
  • Cat7Plus – cables Cat. 7/ Class F (bandwidth of up to 600MHz)
  • 10GPlus – a system for building Augmented Cat.6/Class Ea networks – a revolutionary technology providing 10Gbps traffic on copper through protocol 10G-BaseT on bandwidth of up to 500MHz; Augmented Category 6 / Class Ea

Systems with fibre optic components

  • Millennium Fibre Optic Systems (MFOS) – a conventional optic system with a full range of components for multimode and singlemode cables, with the possibility of using ST, SC, LC and MTRJ connectors
  • Blolite - a unique system for drawing optical fibers with compressed air in microchannels

Management systems

  • Smartpatch – a system for the intelligent management of cable systems