How to reduce your printing costs using the manageable print services by Canon


  • Today’s print trends show that we need to print better, faster, and with lowest costs possible.
  • However, if you cannot monitor the devices of your entire print infrastructure, it could be difficult to control them and be confident that they operate efficiently pricewise and as best as possible.
  • Do you know that 24% of the printed documents are never taken from the printer? And do you know that 50% of the request to the system administrators or the help desk are related to printing?
  • More interesting information can be found in Canon’s report “Manageable Print Services (MPS)”


How useful the manageable print services could be?

Reducing the operating issues

We can guarantee that your printer group will operate consistently

Costs saving through improving the monitoring

We analyze your print routines in order to find the proper price efficient solution for you

Reduce the workload of your IT experts

We undertake the print management so that your employees can focus on more important tasks.

Preventing data security breaches

We check and study the service you offer in order to identify its security weaknesses.

Discover how the manageable print services by Canon can help you

reduce your costs and accelerate your business 

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