30 Years Bulgarian Atlantic Club Conference

from 13/05/2021

In 2021 the Bulgarian Atlantic Club celebrated 30 years of its establishment. Remaining true to their slogan “Ahead of the Future” for 30 years now, the organization continues to identify and analyse the predictable, but also the unpredictable perspectives till 2030 and for the next 30 years in the fast-changing world.

The organization will celebrate its 30th anniversary in way of series of events and initiatives, one of which is the virtual conference “The Atlantic Club is 30 now: Preparing for NATO 2030“ that will take place on 13 May 2021.

This event will use the existing experience of the organization in order to offer ideas for overcoming the new arising threats and unpredictable risks before the modern democracies.

KONTRAX are one of the main partners of the event.