How do the Avaya united communications help to predict clients’ behaviour

from 16/07/2019

User commitment is the focus of every company. Clients, who are engaged and satisfied, often are the active side, providing feedback that helps the organization to better service their needs. Users all over the world expect personal care and active commitment by the companies they have business relations with. Another important precondition for achieving satisfaction is the availability of attentive and experienced expert who is available for solving a complex task. In addition, the users expect a smooth transition from online contact to a meeting with the particular employee of the company, using various communication means, including voice calls, online chat, SMS, or video.

Multichannel access to the user

Avaya solutions for clients’ commitment allow for provisioning the "Omnichannel" type solution and multichannel access to the user. Thus, every organization can handle more easily and effectively all types of communications with the clients using the appropriate resources and easily accessible tools for client servicing. Avaya intelligent contact centers can meet those increasing expectations.

The contact centers are multichannel type for years now, but very often require also integration and automation of the software for communication channels management. For example, some of the employees (agents) in the contact center have to log out of the voice calls system, at pre-set intervals every day, in order to be able to answer the request from other channels, such as e-mail or chat with clients. The posts and request in the social media are often processes separately on another channel, and sometimes out of the contact center, lacking any traceability. The client communication system remains unorganized and difficult to control. Users’ requests are often lost somewhere along the process of their solving and as result, they are mishandled, additional processing time is required, and finally it is disappointing both for the clients and the service providers.

Unique client experience

Offering the multichannel option for connection with its clients the company establishes a proactive approach for communication with them, where the information about the products and services reaches them based on the accumulated experience. So, the information available is used for creating a unique client experience – adaptive, personalized and context information. This facilitates the clients and increases the satisfaction level, irrespective of their channel choice – for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber ot other chat option, e-mail, SMS, WEB video or voice call.


Avaya solutions ease the process of united communications with the clients. They allow for the use of the correct media at the correct time for every different type of interaction. There is an integration with the multiple automated options for navigation in the system menu with possibilities for self-service supported by professional, agents, video chat, SMS, and social media. When your clients start to use this type of service and experience the comfort of being serviced by artificial intelligence, then their satisfaction will be increased for sure and therefore, their commitment. Last, but not least, this way of work could also increase the satisfaction of the employees who provide service and support for the clients.

Predicting client’s behavior using artificial intelligence

The process of client behavior prediction is a field, where the artificial intelligence interferes and takes priority. Avaya calls this prediction “the best action to be undertaken”. This means to decide in the best way what actions need to be undertaken by the system for a specific client based on specific problem. For example, it is possible preliminary and automatically, based on analysis, to detect the moment when client’s account exceeds the credit limit every month, with specific amount. Information about such analyses, based on AI technologies, can be used for the purposes of automated re0direction of all those clients covered by the estimates, to the employees/ agents responsible for the specific problem. It is of crucial importance for the company providing the service to measure the effect of the implementation of new technologies on the work. The system allows analysis and reports of the type – solving the problem of eight of every ten clients with remote calls, eliminating the costs for site visits. Based on these analyses and data new and improved strategies for effective support for the clients can be introduced in future.

With more than 20 years of experience Avaya is well known about its solutions for voice communications and takes the largest share on the contact centers market globally. KONTRAX is a long-term partner Saphir Partner of Avaya and can offer high qualified experts certified by the manufacturer.


KONTRAX has completed many projects using Avaya products and solutions. Amongst its largest corporate clients are NHCS, SFA, Municipal Bank. KONTRAX took part in the delivery of equipment and establishment of the contact centers of AIG, Blizoo, Concentrix, Mobiltel, НР, SITEL, TELUS Int., Sutherland, VMWare.


Antouan Anguelov
Antouan Anguelov

Product manager Avaya