Dell Technologies announced its completely new PowerStore storage system series

from 20/05/2020

Dell Technologies announced last week its completely new data storage system PowerStore series. This is a unique development, designed to eliminate the usual compromises we made when choosing between productivity, scalability and capacity, through an intelligent and adaptive infrastructure focused on data and supporting both the usual and the modern work processes.


Data Focus

PowerStore offers:

  • United architecture for any work processes – block, file and VMware vVols; supports variety of applications, physical, virtual, container-based, databases;
  • Productivity as first priority – designed end to end with NVMe and dual port Intel® Optane™ SSD disks, such as Storage Class Memory (SCM);
  • Scale up and scale out – now, you no longer need to choose if you want to increase the capacity or the processor power, but you have the opportunity for both, if necessary;
  • Efficiency without compromises – continuous inline data reduction through de-duplication and compression;



  • Programmable infrastructure – option for automation of services provision on the array using VMware plugins (vRO Plugin), Kubernetes (CSI Driver) and Ansible (Ansible Module);
  • Autonomous appliance – with embedded machine learning for optimization of many processes that require lots of manual work, for example initial setting of volumes, data migration, load-balancing, solving system problems;

Proactive analysis of system condition – included in the CloudIQ, cloud-based application pack, that reduced the risk in way of anomalies detection before the problem occurrence;


  • Resilient architecture – container-based software architecture (PowerStoreOS) that provides for improving productivity, reliability and security through isolation of separate components of the operating system as micro services; when PowerStoreOS is installed on a virtual machine, the administrators can install an application directly on the array, which is very useful for high intensity data traffic applications and “infrastructure applications”, such as antivirus or monitoring, for example;
  • Flexible implementation – fins an application at IoT/Internet at Things installations for data analysis and for installation in remote offices and branches of the companies, and also for datacenter modernization, and for hybrid cloud.
  • Flexible use –PowerStore gives you choice, predictability and investment protection through options for scalability if necessary: upgrade to next generation nodes (controllers) of the product, upgrade to more powerful nodes of the current series, upgrade in way of adding additional capacity and/ or additional nodes of the same series;

PowerStore can simultaneously supplement and modernize your existing infrastructure irrespective if it includes a standard three-level solution (servers, network equipment, disk arrays), hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid or public cloud, or combination of all.


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