First National Forum for innovative municipalities: BEST PRACTICES AND SOLUTIONS FOR SMART CITIES

from 16/02/2017

KONTRAX in cooperation with Microsoft organized the first national forum for innovative municipalities. The meeting was held in Plovdiv and carried out in the form of open discussions about the opportunities created by the new technologies in regard to introduction of better urban living environment. The guests were welcomed by the Executive Director of KONTRAX – Mr. Jordan Jordanov.

Discussion was opened by Lilly Dakova with presentation of some of the significant solutions of KONTRAX in favour of the local self-government and servicing of citizens, namely implementation of comprehensive information system for the work activities of the municipal councils, citizens service contact centre used for sending signals and receiving of information, telemonitoring system for the citizens health condition, tourist information systems, etc. KONTRAX presented also some of its completed projects for municipalities, such as the Contact Centre for non-urgent calls in Sofia City Municipality, Telemedicine Information System for Septemvri Municipality (one of the first projects of this kind in Bulgaria), and Interactive Multimedia System in the Bazaar in town of Yambol, and others.

The discussions continued with a conversation about the smart management of public systems in the smart city. Mihail Mihailov presented the solutions of KONTRAX for traffic smart management, including controllers for traffic lights and software for monitoring, maintenance and complete control of the city traffic. Considered was also the issue about the organization of the city transport, introduction of dispatcher’s, board systems, integration with ticketing system an e-card, communications, passenger’s information, technologies for roads. In addition, model system for public parking area was illustrated with areas for parking, parking places, garages, as well as projects for streets parking.

The live question about environment protection and calamities management was raised and discussed in regard to the technological capabilities of the meteorological stations, hydrologic stations, ground-penetrating radars, fire monitoring systems, air cleanness, and use of pilotless aircrafts.

Forthcoming operational programs were discussed, where the municipalities are eligible as beneficiary, as well as the options for application for these programs offering high-technology ideas.

Public order and safety were also considered. KONTRAX shared its experience in establishment of contact centers and implementation of integrated platform for cities smart government. Furthermore, the Microsoft partners presented their situation platform for cities integrated government. This platform allows consolidation and synchronization of data from different sources, development of city maps, signals to 112, cameras, registers, sensors, etc. Its implementation results in foreseeing of probability of incidents occurrences based on historical data. It offers good data visualization, as well as board for visualization of emergencies and real time communication.
The forum was attended by several municipalities with focus on innovations. Active participants in the discussions were the representatives of municipalities that already operate with the solutions presented, and that provoked interest and discussion of ideas for those solutions application. The forum participants united their efforts to work purposefully for the introduction of smart solutions in their cities and/ or districts.