from 30/09/2016

During a workshop with key customers Fujitsu in partnership with KONTRAX submits its solution PRIMEFLEX "Cluster-in-a-box" - offers a well-balanced combination of server, disk and network components in a compact box. With PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box consumer assumes a hyper convergent solution, including pre-installed Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and configured as a fault-tolerant virtualized cluster. Two server units, suitable disk capacity, network connections, and redundant power and ventilators are pre-installed in a box. PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box is an ideal solution for organizations with experience in administering Microsoft Windows Server. "Just turn it on, spend a few minutes of our configuration wizard and you're ready to work," explained from Fujitsu. Designed for organizations with medium-sized businesses and divisions of large companies, PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box offers uninterrupted operation at low cost to protect critical data and business-critical services.