In the capacity of SELECT CIRCLE PARTNER of FUJITSU what more offer KONTRAX to their clients

from 16/04/2021

For a year now, KONTRAX, in their capacity of SELECT CIRCLE PARTNER of Fujitsu, provides complete technical support to their clients and continues to further develop their competences in the following fields:

  • Server Sales Professional
  • Storage Sales Senior Professional
  • Hybrid Cloud Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Virtualization Sales Professional
  • Hybrid Cloud Sales Professional
  • Server Pre-Sales Senior Consultant
  • Storage Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Virtualization Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Client Solution Sales Professional
  • Workstation Sales Professional
  • Virtual Client Sales Professional

The awarding of the highest level of partnership for KONTRAX by Fujitsu is a result of the continuous efforts of the company team during the last five years. These efforts are related also with many successfully completed and innovation projects in the fields of education, state administration, utility sector and many other.

“Today, the long-term common efforts and work with the Fujitsu team give successful results and we are very grateful for the opportunity to develop our partnership in new directions. The KONTRAX team finds it very important to work with reliable partners and to develop their competences in line with the latest technology solutions in the world, being developed by Fujitsu, and to implement and realize them successfully in their significant project in Bulgaria “ – said Nikolay Jordanov, Executive Director of KONTRAX AD.


The input by KONTRAX is very important for achieving the long-term and sustainable relations with the Fujitsu clients on the territory of Bulgaria and the neighbouring countries, which contributes to their technological development too.

The SELECT CIRCLE Partnership provides an opportunity for the Fujitsu clients to receive the highest service quality and support for constructing and developing of their information systems with the latest products in the field of innovation solutions for data centres, artificial intelligence and HPC.