Innovative approaches and best practices in education were the accents on the seventh national conference for higher education organized by KONTRAX

from 26/03/2018

The seventh national conference organized by KONTRAX – Innovative approaches and best practices in education, 15 – 16 March 2018, gathers as usual representatives of the universities – rectors and IT professionals, in Hisarya, in order to get acquainted with the technological novelties in the field. Products and solutions for the education were presented by: Microsoft, which provide help for analyzing the reasons for students’ drop out of the educational process and how to prevent the negative after-effects; Atlascom demonstrated new generation interactive displays by Newline Interactive and Turning Technologies, where the information shown turns out to be an attraction. Furthermore, within the conference subject the participants had the chance to see how the artificial intelligence is used in the sector – in way of SanBot robot that demonstrated its potential to be integrated in the educational process. For the purposes of the demonstration students – trainees from High School John Atanasov developed (using Android Studio) an application to be used by the robot for face recognition, greeting people, and playing different materials depending on the person recognized and material associate with him her. The issues related to data storing, as well as establishment of secure networks in the infrastructure of the universities, were studied in detail, with specific suggestions for their optimization, provided by Fujitsu, Fortinet, and TP-Link.