KONTRAX was awarded as Kyocera Certified Service Partner for 2017

from 22/06/2017

After meeting the high standards Kyocera sets for quality of service the team of KONTRAX was awarded as Certified Service Partner together with another 10 companies for the EMEA territory. The selection was carried out after systematic monitoring and assessment of 30 partners of Kyocera for the region.

The basis of Kyocera corporative philosophy is the striving for continuous improvement in regard to clients’ satisfaction. There is a special platform developed for that purpose, combining the certified and trained partners on the EMEA territory, professional support, and software development, clear and comprehensive process of implementation, systematic collection of feedback from company clients, as well as support of web portal with additional information about Kyocera products and services. The training program for servicing, sales, and software is successfully developed and contributes to ensuring the presence of highly qualified personnel for products support during their lifecycle, both on local and global level. KYOCERA Service Network ensures consistent, professional, and efficient services for the clients, irrespective of their size, location, and needs.