Road Safety Institute starts a traffic safety week in Sofia, Burgas and Varna

from 05/07/2019

The road traffic safety week that is to be carried out in Sofia, Burgas and Varna, is organized by the Road Safety Institute in partnership with KONTRAX. The initiative starts on July, 8th at 10:30 am in The Mall, Sofia, where the presentation will include training simulators VOGEL with artificial intelligence for vehicle drivers, provided by KONTRAX. The events will continue in Burgas between 19 and 24 July at Burgas Plaza Mall and in the period between 25 and 30 July in Varna, Delta Planet Mall.

VOGEL class B simulators are training simulators widely used by many training centers in Germany. The simulators offer 7 modules for beginners, applicant-drivers, complete support from voice assistant, and most current visualization through three LCD displays. The use of these simulators in Germany results in up to 7% bigger success in passing the theory exam, and 22% for the driving exam; reducing furthermore, the stress for the new drivers, and the risk of accidents during the training process.