Smart shop – the shop of the future

from 14/03/2024

The digital solutions have the potential to fully transform the operations in the shops and client experience in every way.

The smart shop is a revolution in the retail sector, implementing automation and smart technology for the optimization of client service, the efficiency and management of goods in the shop. The electronic sale labels (ESL) are amongst the key devices that facilitate this transformation, offering flexibility, accuracy and improved efficiency in stock management. The possibility for their integration with ERP systems provides new options for automation and improvement of operations at the sale point.



Informed purchase decisions

The use of ESL in the shops with fast-moving goods provides products current information for the clients, including prices, ingredients, origin and expiry date. They support the making of informed decisions for the purchase, which is highly appreciated in the dynamically changed retail world.


Loyalty improvement

The electronic labels can connect with the shop mobile application and allow the clients to scan the QR codes or NFC chips on the labels and receive additional information, promotions or points in the loyal clients program. Thanks to them the involvement and positive experience of the clients can be increased, as well as it facilitates the generation of valuable data about client behaviour.


Optimization of goods management

The electronic labels can be updated dynamically depending on the availability, demand and product competition. As a result, the goods management on stock is optimized, the competitiveness is increased, as well as the revenues of the shop. The implementation of ESL in the shops can be done through the integration between ERP systems and ESL platforms, using API or FTP for the synchronization of the information about products, prices and stocks; thus improving the quality of service for the clients.


Improving the operational efficiency

Systematic approach for controlling the writing of the goods price in the shop is implemented. Not only the hardware is controlled remotely, but also the text on the screens can be generated using a template sent by the information from the database of the shop, and thus to minimize the work load for the shop operators.


Promoting more sales

The electronic labels can be used for promoting the related or supplementing products that could be useful for the client. This way, the cross and supplementing sales are encouraged, resulting in higher satisfaction of clients for their purchases. The labels improve substantially the further development of the merchandizing, providing flexibility for promotions, improving the visual presentation of products and supporting the optimization of products arrangement in the shop.


Reducing food waste

The common use of artificial intelligence (AI) and ESL provides innovative solutions for the dynamic pricing and presentation of products, as at the same time the robotized technology has a key role for reducing the quantity of food unfit for human consumption, and helps maintaining the high quality of products, decrease of waste generated in relation to the currently used paper labels.


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