#Stay at home with Kyocera

from 23/03/2020

Today it has become essential to be able to work from home, as well as to share our working time with our children, who from the other side are under the condition of remote education. Together we share one space – our home, and the compact Kyocera printers may help be more efficient in the process of fulfilling our work tasks and the educational needs of our children. Besides the compact size, the Ecosys series printing devices are known for their robustness and reliability. The components have longer duration and do not require frequent replacement. This keeps the maintenance terms short, and costs – low, and the environment – protected. Most of the products have integrated share use system, so the costs are reduced even more. The compact design allows these devices to fit comfortably in every home - office. Using the special “Quiet” mode, you will not even notice their presence. Additional characteristics are the print speed of up to 25 pages/ minute, 1200 dpi quality and folding holder for up to 250 sheets.


The KONTRAX team is at your disposal for more information about the product. You can contact us on sales@kontrax.bg or 02 960 97 25.