Centralized platform for tenders for medicines – how does it work and who can use it

from 02/08/2017

On August 2nd 2017 Dragomir Manov, Research and Development Manager, and Margarita Mitova, Business Analysis and Project Management Expert from KONTRAX explained in the studio of Darik radio the benefits of the implementation of centralized platform for medicine tenders.

Now, every hospital carries out independent procedures for purchase of medicines – every hospital of its own, without central control. Sometimes this results in significant differences in the price of one and the same medicine for the different hospitals, even the purchase of medicines at prices above the market and limit prices. Another situation is when there are not offers for a given medicine and it is impossible to be purchased and delivered. Furthermore all these procedures are related with huge volumes of paper documentation for both sides – hospitals and wholesale traders.

For that reason at the end of 2015 the Ministry of Health has assigned to KONTRAX the development of central platform for tender procedures. Eleven months later, using the platform, on 28.11.2016 the first procedure for framework agreement conclusion at the amount of approximately 1,2 billion BGN was initiated.

"Using the platform developed by KONTRAX the hospitals may purchase medicines at lower prices, all medicine traders are on equal basis principle and the paper documentation is reduced to its minimum. The expectations of the Ministry are for up to 20% savings for medicines" – said Dragomir Manov, guest at Darik Radio.

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