Pantheon is a new generation product that combines all business processes in a company. It was developed by the Slovenian company DATALAB Tehnologije d.o.o. and has more than 10 years of history in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Since 2008, KONTRAX has been offering the ERP system on the Bulgarian market. The application is localized and aligned with local laws and accounting standards.
Currently Pantheon users are more than 8000 companies and their number is constantly increasing.

How does Pantheon contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of your company?

  • Its advantage is its ability to adapt to the needs of companies regardless of their size and area of activity
  • It supports and covers all business processes in a company
  • In times of financial and economic crisis, companies must do more with fewer employees. But one thing is a constant over the last 20 years and will not change – the essential role of information technologies in reducing the costs
  • It arms small and medium enterprises with analytical skills with which business systems of large companies and corporations work

With Pantheon you


  • Reduce and manage costs
  • Obtain more stronger control over direct and indirect costs
  • Manage the goods flow, the information flow and the document flow
  • Reduce the number of employees necessary to carry out a specific task
  • Increase the coherence of business functions and the cooperation between working groups
  • Unlock the creative potential of employees
  • Achieve greater transparency of business processes
  • Reduce response time for sales
  • Detailed information on the functionality of ERP Pantheon can be found on where you can download a demo version of the program.