GDPR: Regulation for personal data administrators


General Data Protection Regulation will have impact on every EU organization that stores personal data, as well as every business activity within the EU.


What can KONTRAX offer you for ensuring conformity with GDPR

  • Expert audit of information security with IT and legal focus. The elements of this analysis are fully subordinated to the European Directive and the International Standard for Security ISO 27001. The audit includes review and analysis of existing systems, processes, documents, policies, and procedures. In results risk assessment is prepared and directions for activities are provided, together with rules in compliance with the requirements for information security and GDPR.
  • Implementation of complete IV++CT solutions (specialized software and hardware) for monitoring, control, encryption, and protection of sensitive data, according to the Regulation.
  • Trainings by experts and work teams on ISO 27001 – Information security, ISO 20000-1 – Services Management, as well as the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection.
  • Keeping the compliance with the Regulation on all levels in way of regular audits for security of sensitive information, as well as experts’ assistance in deployment of solutions corresponding to the best practices in the field.

Additional activities

  • Initial legal analysis in way of review of existing contract templates for key documents and general terms and conditions according to the requirements for personal data protection
  • Analysis of the possibility for exercising the rights of the personal data subject
  • Business analysis – review of key processes related to processing of personal data
  • Analysis of input points for personal data receiving and collecting
  • Analysis of existing policies and procedures