Provision of the “Print & Scan” service in the branch network of DSK Bank and the head office, including the provision of new laser printers and multifunction devices, a monitoring and management system, delivery of consumables and full service maintenance.

Period of implementation

2014 - 2017


Analysis of printing, planning, delivery and full service of 2,500 devices in more than 450 offices of the client throughout the country have been performed under the contract. Print volume – more than 8 million copies per month, deadline for problem solving – up to 2 hours at the client’s location.


The activities have been carried out in compliance with the best practices set out in the service management standard ISO 20000-1: 2011 and ITIL. Upon performance of the service, common processes of KONTRAX and DSK Bank have been developed for service management, incident management, configuration management, monitoring and management of service availability and management of the service management levels. With the help of 28 service centers, KONTRAX fulfills the client ‘s requirements without delay.


In addition to the contract, KONTRAX performs paper management and supply on time to any office of DSK Bank.


The deployment includes the delivery and installation of more than 2,500 Kyocera printers and multifunction devices in more than 450 offices of the client throughout the country, deinstallation of 3,500 old devices, commissioning, training of users, installation of software system for device monitoring and management, system integration.


Provision of the service includes hardware maintenance, making repairs, maintenance, delivery of consumables and spare parts. Management of maintenance activities includes proactive actions aiming to ensure continuity of printing and scanning service at the offices of the principal. Planning deliveries of supplies and spare parts is carried out on the basis of a device monitoring system.


The conditions of maintenance are delivery of supplies within 8 hours after running out of available toners, telephone support (Hotline support) for 12 hours, 7 days of the week, time for problem elimination of 4 hours for main offices and up to 5 hours for remote offices. With its service network, KONTRAX provides the required levels of service maintenance without delay in accordance with the client’s requirements.


For the needs of service management, KONTRAX has deployed a software system for monitoring and managing of the Kyocera devices. The system allows continuous monitoring of the devices, their status, registration of messages of faults, problems or loss of functionality. The system also provides reports on the use of the devices, printed pages, scanned pages and levels of availability of each device.


For the purpose of service management, KONTRAX has performed integration between its monitoring system, the system for recording and management of service orders and the incident management system (HelpDesk) of DSK Bank, thus showing every registered problem in the service order system and allowing immediate response and troubleshooting.

DSK Bank
DSK Bank

Deployed and working solution for management and monitoring of printing means in DSK Bank


Delivery and technical maintenance of a device of the type Firewall - Dell SonicWall NSA 3600, as well as software licenses. Warranty maintenance for a period of 2 years.

Municipal Bank
Municipal Bank

Performance of IT infrastructure optimization, deployment, migration and monitoring activities