Control centers

The solution for a Control Center is essentially a platform for management and control that enables the configuration of different systems, such as: sensors transmitting real-time information, different communication channels, surveillance means, recording systems, various computing resources, decision-making support systems, notification / signaling automated systems.

Key features

  • Integrated management and control of available resources
  • Flexible adaptation to client’s requirements
  • Effective resource management
  • Consolidation of all communication channels, computing resources, sensors transmitting real-time information, surveillance means, decision-making support systems, GIS and others depending on client needs

Interactive system facilitates the operators’ work

In full compliance with all security policies. Suggests action scenarios upon the occurrence of certain events, crisis situations or reaching threshold values.

Advanced visualization

It offers a variety of advanced visualization tools depending on user requirements. It also allows, depending on the application, integration with a geographic information system (GIS) and provides an overview of the situation in real time.