Ground satellite stations

Data about the Earth from space is an important tool for managerial decision-making and a source of objective information about the status and nature of infrastructure objects. The time for decision-making is critical in order to analyze the situation which requires operational information. These cases require the use of ground stations for satellite data in near real time.


Global Imaging specializes in the design and installation of fully automated ground receiving stations for weather data from meteorological environmental satellites. The company currently manufactures and sells a complete line of hardware and software for receiving data from all geostationary and polar orbit meteorological satellites in the world. Products include an antenna and a pedestal, an integrated LNA, satellite receivers and synchronizers for transmission in L, S and X-band. The software includes programs for data conversion, data processing, data distribution, as well as data visualization.


Dartcom is one of the leading manufacturers of ground receiving stations for meteorological satellites and remote sensing satellites. The company has over 27 years of experience in the field, it offers its clients solutions at competitive prices, with high quality and innovation, making satellite data available for terrestrial, marine and portable devices.


Dartcom offers a wide range of products covering the following types of satellite data:

  • Data in the X-band EOS from the Terra, Aqua, Suomi-NPP and Fengyun-3 polar orbit satellites
  • HRPT data from the NOAA series of polar orbit satellites
  • AHRPT data from the Metop series of polar orbit satellites
  • DMSP data from the DMSP-5D series of polar orbit satellites
  • LRIT / HRIT data from the EUMETCast, MSG, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and Electro geostationary satellites
  • GVAR data from the GOES series of geostationary satellites