Meteorological and hydrological stations

KONTRAX has many partners that can create specialized integrated solutions, including systems for monitoring, data management, modeling and support of decision-making. A key benefit of KONTRAX’s concept of building solutions is the use of open data and interface. This allows for seamless integration of different models of sensors and controllers from different suppliers. To use data in real time, it needs to be processed and analyzed in order to become useful information, such as a warning of a flood, a specific forecast for water resource management, a need for winter road maintenance, etc. A network of meteorological and hydrological stations is built for this purpose, which, based on their use, can be basic (core) or specialized (departmental).

Meteorological stations are continental in their nature and are designed to carry out mainly meteorological observations as well as partially hydrological ones. Hydrological stations are located in water areas and are designed to carry out both hydrological observations and partially meteorological ones. The main areas in which the company operates are road weather condition monitoring systems, early warning systems for floods and support of decision-making systems.

KONTRAX is a partner of and uses sensors and systems by SEBA Germany, OTT, Vaisala, Cross Zlin, Lufft, Biral, etc.