25 years of KONTRAX

from 26/04/2017

KONTRAX celebrated its 25 years anniversary at the National Art Gallery accompanied by Teodosii Spasov, flute, and Ivan Shopov, electronic music instruments, together in the exceptional musical project InFusion, and special guests – Minko Lambov, piano, and vocal trio AVIGEYA.

That night was a special moment for us to gather our clients and partners of many years, and to remember some of the most significant memories, interesting and amusing stories related to KONTRAX. In short summary the Deputy Executive Manager, Mr. Jacko Pillossof, presented his view about KONTRAX in another 25 years: “Firstly, it will be a company managed by the right people who have kept the main concept, further developed it and thus making KONTRAX a company with large and united team, attractive working place for young and skilled professionals. And naturally, with at least 20 times bigger turnover, amounting to about 500 million Euro and steady profit. KONTRAX shall be capable of fulfilling huge scale projects and a factor in the ICT field that cannot be evaded both here and in Europe, Middle East, and why not, even farther!”

True to the principle that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, our colleague, Ivaylo Jordanov, conquered on 14 April 2017 the Himalayan peak Imja Tse (6189 m) and devoted his success to KONTRAX and its 25-year history.

Today KONTRAX is a group of companies specializing in system integration, distribution, engineering, outsourcing, software development, provider of Internet, stationery and office furniture, congress tourism and manufacturing. The company has over 410 employees, being 31 times more in comparison to the number of company initial team. Income, on the other side, has also increased significantly and amount to average annual value of 35 million Euro.

KONTRAX is incorporated in 1992 as an international holding of companies in six countries of East Europe, and headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Since year 2000 KONTRAX is fully Bulgarian private company. Due to its long-term experience and huge potential the company is recognized as leading provider of ICT for large private and state organizations. The hard work and good management resulting in company occupying the leading positions on the Bulgarian IT market.