Dahua thermocontrol solution against the spreading of COVID-19

from 03/11/2021


As a socially responsible media, bTV Media Group, understands the importance of the prevention against the spread of COVID-19 among the Bulgarian population, and therefore the media company made the decision to introduce a special regime for checking the people visiting their buildings, and to use the thermocontrol at their entrances.

Here came the team of KONTRAX, and after an assessment of the current situation and the specifics of the entry and exit points of the building of bTV Media Group, recommended the complex solution by Dahua – access control terminal with combined monitoring of the temperature, face recognition and option for checking the digital COVID certificate approved for the EU territory, namely Dahua terminals: DHI-ASI7213X-T1+ASF172X-T1.

Three devices are installed at the entrances of the buildings of the company, where additional check of all incoming people is carried out. If higher temperature is detected for a person, the responsible employees are notified, and the person having higher temperature, is not allowed to enter the premises of the organization.


The investment made for using additional means for control and actions against the spread of COVID-19, helps bTV Media Group to expand its socially responsible initiatives and to overcome important problems that affect the entire society.