from 21/02/2018

Dell EMC launched a new generation of Dell EMC Data Domain systems for large and mid-sized organizations last year – continuing our dominance as the data protection market leader. Dell EMC is proud to now complete the modernized Dell EMC family with the introduction of Data Domain DD3300, a new entry-level system that is cloud-enabled for modern data protection. DD3300 is an enterprise-grade protection storage specifically designed for the needs of small, midsized and enterprise remote/branch office IT environments. With DD3300, Dell EMC is delivering enterprise-class protection storage that customers trust in a compact, 2U protection storage appliance – purpose-built and ready to deliver industry-leading backup, archiving, disaster recovery & long-term cloud retention. 

In addition to this new Data Domain system, Dell EMC is excited to announce expanded cloud provider support for Data Domain Cloud Tier.

Simple & Comprehensive

In a world of ever more complex data, applications, and user needs, the new entry-level Data Domain DD3300 makes data protection quick, easy and cost-effective. DD3300 is the new small and robust protection storage platform from Dell EMC, which is ideal for both SMBs and branch / departmental data protection for larger enterprises. This new system takes advantage of Data Domain’s intelligent, variable-length deduplication, which delivers an average data reduction rate of 10-55x. This results in a dramatic savings in protection storage requirements, bringing greater scalability and significant WAN bandwidth savings for replication. With Dell EMC’s advanced data verification and encryption ensuring that data residing on DD3300 remains protected, the DD3300 also brings Dell EMC’s comprehensive data protection capabilities to the entry market in a 2U form factor, with wide coverage of both enterprise and homegrown applications.

Performance and Scalability

DD3300 opens up the opportunity to offer existing entry-level, brand and department customers with a tech refresh from an older Data Domain system. Specifically, this new system offers the following maximum performance and scale compared to the previous generation system which it replaces – DD2200 (note that performance data includes Data Domain Boost, and scalability data includes Data Domain Cloud Tier):

1.Total Capacity on Active Tier only
2.Total Capacity with Data Domain Cloud Tier for long-term retention


DD3300 vs DD2200: Tech Refresh Comparison

Performance 1.5x
Scale 5.6x