Digital transformation and what it means for business

from 14/09/2017

Todor Todorov, co-founder and general manager of Direct Services and Ivailo Yordanov, sales manager of KONTRAX on the topic of digital transformation, guests in the "Darik Radio" studio, follows an excerpt of the interview.


What do actually archive digitalisation and archive management mean? What are the benefits of it for a company and its employees?

Regardless of how much we talk about the Internet, digital technology and electronic communication, it is a fact that paper use is constantly on the increase. Every single organisation generates paper documents in its day-to-day activity – invoices, offers, orders, contracts etc. They get piled up, their volume raises and working with them is getting increasingly difficult, every search includes a lot of time and nerves. If the organisation has multiple branches and every one manages their own archive – the situation complicates even further.
No matter how it is organised, paper archive is tough to be dealt with – searching means actually finding the original in its physical form, copying, sending, and then returning it in the archive. The more often one works with the archive, the more resources and time are wasted. The logical conclusion is that in order for archive use to be optimised, it has to be "dematerialised", meaning to be digitalised. Working with a digital archive ensures a multitude of advantages – fast and easy to locate one or a group of related documents, remote access, simultaneous work with one document, increased security, keeping the original files and last but not least – reducing operative costs.

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