Electronic health care in Bulgaria

from 26/07/2017

On July 26th 2017 guest of Darik Coffee was Nikolay Yordanov, Commercial Manager of Kontrax, Public sector and Health Care” for discussions on the electronic health care in Bulgaria

In some aspects Bulgaria is one of the leaders in Europe in regard to implementation of electronic health care system. In practice, all general practitioners use a computer for keeping an electronic health file of the patients, and report their activity before the NHIF electronically, using digital signature and invoice. Most of the specialists and dentists, as well as all hospitals also use modern information systems and Internet connection. The same cannot be seen in other EU countries (for example, in Greece about 1/5 of the general practitioners still use only paper documentation, similar is the situation in Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, etc.).

The electronic health care system cannot be assumed as panacea for the all the problems of our health system. However, the implementation of information systems, electronic processes – electronic prescription, electronic direction to a specialist – can allow for improving the control, saving time for service provision and most important – protect against mistakes.

A system for electronic directions for a laboratory operates over a year now, designed for automatic software transfer of all prescribed examinations from the general practitioners (with patients’ consent) to a selected laboratory system – it actually prevents mistakes and omissions, eases and speeds up the process of examination and sending of results to the patient and the doctor.

"It is of particular importance that similar projects are initiated after the required public discussion – central authorities, Bulgarian Medical Union, patients’ organizations, company representatives, which have experience in the field of the electronic health care”- said Nikolay Yordanov in the morning conversation at Darik Radio.

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