Fujitsu has announced three new laptop families

from 06/04/2021


Fujitsu has announced three new laptop families, manufactured on the basis of the latest 11th generation processors and system sets of Intel.


These families include novelties such as new graphic cores of Intel, Iris Xe Graphics, embedded in the central processor chip and competing in terms of efficiency the discrete graphic cards, support of the 5G network for the embedded LTE modules, and high-performance Thunderbolt 4 ports.


In regard to the security, the new models have the full set of functionalities, such as TPM 2.0, fingerprint and the Fujitsu unique Palm Secure technology, as well as the infrared camera compatible with Windows Hello. New features come from the additional capabilities for ePrivacy filter that allows the safe work in rooms with lots of people, and the camera electronic locking.


The Lifebook E5x11 family that is a standard business laptop is presented by the 15.6 and 14-inch model, weight of 1200 grams for the 14-inch laptop and 1500 grams for the 15.6-inch model.


The Lifebook U7x11 ultrabooks are offered in three sizes – 15.6“, 14“ and 13.3“, and the weight varies form 1.17 kg to 1,5 kg depending on the size. They have VGA and HDMI video ports embedded and LAN port.


Specific interest is drawn on the nineth series ultrabooks Lifebook U9311 and the convertible version, Lifebook U9311X, which start with a weight of 855 grams and are possible the lightest mobile computers offered on the market for this category. They combine all the advantages and functionalities of the above-described series in combination with compact design, comfort and ultra-low weight.