Fujitsu sets a new record in price/ productivity ratio with SPC-1 last tests on low and middle class disc arrays

from 10/08/2017

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200 S4 disc array that is part of the new product line hybrid arrays ETERNUS DX S4, has achieved official recognition for top efficiency, price/ productivity ration, and extremely low response times. The tests were performed according to the SPC-1 methods – recognized as independent standard for comparing the efficiency of storage systems, and carried out by Storage Performance Council – institution without relations to any manufacturer, and focusing on the industry for disc arrays production and setting the industrial standards in this field.

The new generation Fujitsu arrays are characterized by doubled capacity in comparison to the previous generation. The productivity and low response times as demonstrated during the tests make these systems, designed for small and middle enterprises, suitable for utilization in serious solution of Enterprise class.

Selecting Eternus provide for the companies high reliability, which of great importance for the business processes with continuous cycle. The reliability of these arrays equals to 99.9999% that is less than a minute per year. Test results show extremely good price/ productivity ration of the system tested, with only 0.22 USD per IOPS (input-output operations per second).