Hippocrates GP with new functionality that provides ease for the GPs in processing patients’ laboratory tests

from 25/01/2018


From the beginning of 2018 new service is implemented in Hippocrates GP that automates the work of the general practitioners.

All medical and diagnostic referrals (MDR) are published through Internet in cloud server. The laboratories may read the MDR data and thus the time for waiting the registration office is reduced. The possibility of error is limited to a minimum, as repeated entry of MDR data at the laboratory information system (KIS) is not needed. The laboratory equipment automatically receives the orders for tests and automatically performs these. The results are validated by the laboratory doctor and become accessible for reading through Internet from Hippocrates GP. Data received for the results from the laboratory tests are automatically entered in the electronic file of the patient that is stored in the health information system Hippocrates of the general practitioner.

Thus the general practitioners may analyse data in chronological order and visualize them in graphic view, and follow the trends in the development of patient’s treatment.