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from 10/02/2021

KONTRAX presented the humanoid robot Pepper of Sofbankrobotics - Japan, which can lead a conversation, understanding and speaking Bulgarian language with the help of the software of Humanizing - Germany.

At the end of last year KONTRAX demonstrated, for the first time in Bulgaria, a dialogue mode for the humanoid robot Pepper by Sofbankrobotics.


During the XIV Specialized International Exhibition for defence machinery and services HEMUS 2020, that took part at the Intranational Fair in Plovdiv, the greatest interest at the booth of KONTRAX was on the presence of the humanoid robot Pepper, that interacted with the visitors and started smart conversations with them in Bulgarian language. Pepper completed also several commands given by the President of Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, and also in Bulgarian language!


All that would not have been possible without the software development by the German company - Humanizing Technologies,  which allows the easy development of dialogues in the form of personalized solution for the different industries, such as trade, finance, health care, tourism, governmental organization, education and many other, where it could be used. The available content management system (CMS) provides technically facilitated process, where the forms, pages and dialogues, and in general, the entire communication with the robot Pepper may be easily, intuitively and even from people, who are not specialists or with the relevant technical knowledge.


Chatbot capabilities of Pepper for speech recognition are impressive. Since last year it is also available in Bulgarian language, thus allowing the clients to have more interactive experience. By expanding the skills of Pepper, the robot may easily initiate a conversation with a possible client, to offer a product or to present a promotion and special offers using Bulgarian language and simple voice commands.


The software platform for mobile robots, offered by KONTRAX in the form of CMS (Content Management System), provides an option to create, manage and implement unlimited content and interactivity for the communication between a robot and the user in Bulgarian or other specified language. The user may create its own screens (web pages), presentations, promotions and to define in advance specific situation and/ or dialogue mode, where the robot Pepper to say exactly what is expected and desired.


For example: when activating its proactive mode, the robot Pepper can come close to the clients, offer them the latest products or make compliments in order to create a positive attitude. Thus, the robot Pepper may communicate with the clients, being the active part in this interaction.


There are many possible applications for the above-mentioned industries. For example:


  • The robot may easily be programmed to manage the guest’s check-in in a hotel or to notify you by phone if there is a visitor waiting, using the various notification options. It can scan a QR code/ ​​barcode, for example, tickets of clients or guests.
  • Besides all above described, the robot Pepper is the perfect actor. The presence of ready entertainment packs, such as interactive games, dances and animations, could amuse the public of all ages.
  • It is possible to perform real-time events using the robot, where you can create or add immediate content – images to Pepper during the stage performance. You can personalize its speech and demonstrate images in real time or to prepare everything in advance and offer it to the public when needed.
  • Pepper can be easily controlled and solve navigations tasks, to orient and position itself in the space using 3D sensors.
  • Every interaction with Pepper may be tracked and stored for subsequent analysis. The clients can measure for how long the clients are engaged with it and which applications and presentations are mostly used, or which words spoken by the clients are not serviced (understood) by the robot.


The robot Pepper may be used for achieving success in several stages from the sales process:

  • Attraction - Pepper is actively trying to attract a client, who is at not more than three meters distance. It senses when someone is close and actively tries to intrigue them.
  • Involvement - Pepper asks the user if they would like to hear about a campaign or promotion your business is offering, by informing the client about it.
  • Call for action - Pepper manages special offers, such as loyalty programs, inviting the clients to leave their e-mail address, phone number, ect. Pepper may also perform a marketing research among the users.
  • Award and gratitude - Pepper awards the clients for the interaction and in case of activity, which is the best way for establishing a close relation, to gift a selfie or a dance with it.



You can meet the robot Pepper at METRO Cash&Carry Bulgaria, shop Sofia 1, at the alcohol booth, where it is in the capacity of sommelier. There the robot will start an easy conversation with you and will help you choose a drink of your taste, but before that it will assure itself that you are of age. The communication with the robot is amusing and useful for the shop visitors and in particular for the fans of good whiskey. Pepper adds a value to your user experience by making the shopping a little different, making technologies and good drinks go hand in hand.  


KONTRAX is the official distributor of several brands mobile and humanoid robots that can be easily programmed using the interactive platform of Humanizing Technologies. Amongst them, except Peeper, there are also:


For more information, please contact Antuan Angelov, Manager Innovative Products at KONTRAX.

Antouan Anguelov
Antouan Anguelov

Product manager Avaya