How to use automation and smart systems for higher business performance

from 28/03/2019

Process Automation is expected to become one of the most powerful catalysts that will change the business over the next decade. Managed by smart systems that automate both routine and more complex tasks, it can free up resources and make workflows more efficient. Current studies show that the workplace automation can increase the levels of global productivity up to 1.4% per annum.

Kyocera Capture Manager is a type of solution that enables organizations of all types to implement state-of-the-art processes and benefit from the automation, which in turn will allow them to focus on the most important things about their business.

A document management solution will identify the content of the document and which thereof is important, and then it will process such information in a predefined way, as set by business executives. This process will replace the need for a specific employee to analyze the document and data thereof, which will be entered manually then into another business system. Information may also be forwarded to another location in the corporate network where it will be used by another person or a system.

Data can be entered into the document management solution in many ways. Scanning paper documents is the most common way, but this type of solution can also recognize documents sent by e-mail as well as other types of electronic formats. The system can identify and distinguish between different types of documents and data, but the exact time of this information upon completion of the analysis must be defined and programmed in advance.

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