Hybrid IT by Fujitsu – key role for creating value

from 05/08/2022

Николай Йорданов, изпълнителен директор на "Контракс" АД

How do the digital technologies change our community today and what are the priorities of the businesses after the pandemic?

During the pandemic the digital transformation in the organizations accelerated in all fields, including the work modes, shopping, healthcare and education, as the digital environment became a lifestyle and work by default..

According research carried out by Fujitsu, the businesses more and more recognize the significance of sustainability and ability to address the changes as a main priority after the pandemic. Among the other priorities are the business processes automation and management, as well as ensuring the smooth and comfortable clients’ experience (where online merges with offline). 

High priority has also the management focused on humans, the trust of clients and communities, and ecosystems’ business models. All of them are crucial for the change of society toward the digital transformation. The basis of it are data and strategy for their proper and safe collection, analysis and management, as well as the infrastructure. According to Fujitsu, the development of smart ways for using data contributes to promoting the motivation for faster change of businesses. While the businesses and industries have changed with a decade pace, the data revolution now can change entire business segments for just a few years. As per Fujitsu, the organizations that took the proactive assessment on the opportunities, which could be used based on the data and which control these opportunities at the highest speed, have the potential to become the leaders of their industries.


Which are the trends you see in regard to the selection of data architecture?

С Having Fujitsu as our partner, we believe that the hybrid IT will have a key role in creating value, and will be the basis for integration and management of various digital infrastructures. The hybrid IT combine the best of the physical and digital world in order to meet the business needs for achieving sustainability and growth.

The basis of every digital transformation project is the data, and it is generated everywhere – not only locally, or in the cloud, but also in the surrounding environment – different devices, sensors, at clients, suppliers, etc. The trend is that in the next following years over 75% of this data to be in the so-called periphery, i.e. outside the local infrastructure or out of the cloud. It is very important not to consider the periphery, the local and cloud environment, as separate structures, but as a whole, or the so-called hybrid activated infrastructure. And here comes the question where to start from, which model to choose, which applications to remain local and which are to be transferred on the cloud, which is the proper hardware, software and network equipment for them, how to perform the implementation, how much will that costs, and what are the terms.

What can Kontrax and Fujitsu offer for the Bulgarian market?

Our approach with Fujitsu aims to conduct consultations with our clients, to understand their strategic targets and to offer a solution that will be appropriate and completely tailored to their specific needs. Fujitsu has co-creation centres in Munich, Tokyo, Osaka, London and New York, thus providing options for a meeting also in a 3D online environment with avatars, as well as a mobile centre, available for use at client’s premises, where different situations can be clearly simulated and the right decision to be made. Together we have the resources, skills and experience to be clients’ main partners on their way to the digital transformation and transition to a company managed by data. Currently we have several active projects at different phases. However, a lot is to be done. In order for the clients to be able to benefit as much as possible from the advantages of the hybrid IT, the resources they use, shall be adapted to operation in containerized environment, or the so-called cloud-ready or cloud-native applications purposed for the cloud, but their technology shall allow operation in local environment too.

Kontrax is a certified partner of Fujitsu in regard to consulting and implementation of hybrid IT solutions and is awarded with the highest level of partnership - SELECT Circle in Bulgaria. If you need a project for digitalization that is to be professionally established and developed according to your specific needs, please contact Dimo Nikov, Brand Manager for Fujitsu at Kontrax. (www.kontrax.bg).