International Conference for the establishment and realization of sustainable spin-off ecosystem and culture took place in Sofia

from 29/09/2023

The second edition of the International Conference "Spinoff Bulgaria" took place at the end of September 2023 in Sofia and Kontrax were one of the participants. The topics of this event included European and national policies, opportunities for funding and commercialization, patents and acquisition of copyrights, international best practices, work on projects and scientific infrastructure. Examples of various technological developments and achievements in the field of the artificial intellect, medicine, bio-technologies, cyber security, and micro-electronics, were presented.  

Participants in the conference were the Prime Minister academician Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Education and Science Galin Tsokov, the Bulgarian European Commissioner on the innovation, scientific research, culture, education and youth Iliana Ivanova, as well as the Deputy Ministers of Education and Science Prof. Genka Petrova, the e-government Valentin Mundrov, and innovation and growth - Prof. Georgi Angelov. 

The event’s focus was set on the possibility provided for the companies to expand their networks, as well as to connect with major international partners. Participants in the discussion panel with topic: Corporations For Innovation, were Nikolay Yordanov, Executive Director of KONTRAX, Hesham Sabry, Director of Roche Bulgaria, architect Lyubomir Stanislavov, Executive Director of “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”, and Ivan Angelov of the Economic Faculty at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, where they discussed the potential of the companies to establish closer cooperation with the universities and the existing scientific infrastructure. 


The common projects between the scientists and the business companies will contribute to the establishment of competitive economy, which will not only help for reaching, but even overtaking the other countries. “We have a huge potential that is still not used. In order to achieve this, we are making great efforts in the education. They will not be successful if we do not make reforms”, emphasized academician Denkov.