KONTRAX built an intelligent transport system on the Highway Struma 3.3

from 17/12/2018

Today, the Section of the Highway of Struma 3.3, between Kresna and Sandanski, was officially opened, on which the Team of KONTRAX has built an intelligent transport system. This will serve to increase road safety and reduce road accidents.

For the first time in Bulgaria, an optical route was built along 24 km of the Highway. This will allow the installation of CCTV cameras at the road junctions of Sandanski and Stroumyani, as well as in the recreation areas. The team members of Dispatcher and Control Center will monitor what is happening and, if necessary, will take appropriate operational decisions to redirect the traffic through LEDs boards that can display both road signs and message information. The large dimensions and high brightness of the LEDs boards enable information to be viewed at distance.

Traffic counting points have been installed at 4 locations and points to measure weight of a moving vehicle have been installed at 2 locations. This will allow measuring the weight of heavy goods vehicles and protecting the road from overloading.

In the Section of Struma 3.3 there are also 2 meteorological stations, which will provide information on the temperature and humidity of the air, on the type and amount of precipitation, on the visibility of the road, on the speed and direction of the wind, on the thickness of the water layer over the asphalt, on the freezing point of the road surface depending on the treatment with lye and other chemicals, on the road surface temperature and 5 cm below the asphalt. All these data make it possible to predict, with a high level of precision, when a frost, a snow and an ice may occur on the road. In this way, the snow removal companies will be notified in good time about the need to treat the road surface. Drivers of vehicles will be notified by means of information signs on the weather status.