KONTRAX enters the new financial year with stable revenues and growing market positions in the corporate sector

from 19/02/2019

In 2018, KONTRAX AD strengthened its market position as a leading system integrator, and managed to achieve 67% revenue growth, exceeding BGN 60 million.

A Company’s novelty is the change in the Management Team.

As at the end of 2018, Mr. Nikolay Jordanov stood on the head of the Company in his capacity as the Managing Director of KONTRAX AD. Born in 1984, he completed the Sofia Mathematical High School, International Relations at the University of National and World Economy, MBA programme at the Nottingham University. He has been working at KONTRAX since 2008, holding the positions of Sales Representative, Sales Manager and Procurator. The position of Marketing and Sales Director was taken by Mrs. Lili Dakova. She has been working at the Company since 2006 and consecutively holding the positions of Administrative Secretary, Product Software Solutions Manager, Sales Manager and Head of Sales Department.

"In 2018, the KONTRAX AD’ Team managed to handle many challenges and to finalize significant public projects, as well as to assist in the development and growth of a number of companies, i.e. a direction in which the Company would like to continue to develop and to assert its market share."- summarized Mr. Nikolay Jordanov, Managing Director of Kontrax AD.

The turnover showed growth for a third consecutive year, the revenue from system integration, service, software development increased. Corporate sector achieved 63% compared to the total share and marked the highest growth.

The most significant project that is started in 2018 and still continuing in 2019 is the construction and commissioning of automated system for remote reading of the electricity consumption at "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria", including a replacement of conventional electricity meters with smart devices, a construction of a communication environment, a software platform for data collection and its integration with the ERP system of the largest electricity distributor in Bulgaria.

Other major projects in the corporate sector are the printing management systems at DSK and UBB Banks.

In 2018, KONTRAX was also a reliable partner of the Bulgarian education. Schools and kindergartens have been provided with many interactive boards, multimedia and computers to develop the interactive approach in learning of students and children, to awaken the interest in acquiring digital knowledge from adolescents. The Company delivered to universities many computers and communication equipment, implemented a number of innovative projects, and built several data centres.

Some of the most significant projects in the public sector are the Information System of the Sofia Municipal Council, through which the way of its ordinary sessions is updated and the decision making on important public issues is optimized, and the Upgrading of the system for handling non-emergency alerts of the Sofia Municipality by developing a mobile contact center.

KONTRAX AD is a Group of Companies specialized in system integration, distribution, engineering, outsourcing, software development, Internet services and production. A wide range of products and services, as well as the team of members with different specialization of Kontrax AD enable the implementation of complex solutions. KONTRAX AD has the largest service network for ICT services in the country. All Centers provide quality and high level of service.