KONTRAX has delivered and installed a measuring equipment for the National Centre on Mechatronics and Clean Technologies

from 12/02/2021

Kontrax team has completed a project for delivery and installation of specialised technical equipment for the needs of Varna Technical University under a public procurement contract No 130/ 2020 under Lot No 6, subject “Delivery and installation of measuring equipment” in relation to the fulfilment of the project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0008 “National canter of mechatronics and clean technology “, financed through the operating program “Science and Education for Intelligent Growth” 2014-2020.

17 scientific organizations, including 5 universities and 12 institutes to the Bulgarian Academy of Science took part in the project.

Project purpose is the construction, functioning and development of scientific and research infrastructure for ultimate achievements in the field of mechatronics and clean technology, which is to contribute to the realization of the program on sustainable and intelligent economic growth of Republic of Bulgaria.

The main goal of the project is the establishment of modern national centre for ensuring the quite new level of knowledge in several mutually overlapping fields: mechanics, robotics, energy efficiency, sustainable use of raw materials and resources and reducing of greenhouse gas emissions.

The estimated results include the development of new type of National centre for ultimate achievements in mechatronics and clean technology, with a leading role for the country and the region, internationally visible and of scientific significance; discovering of innovative technological solutions for supporting the Bulgarian industry; preparation of high qualified specialists; opening of new working places and motivating the young and recognized scientists to work in Bulgaria.

Modern and competitive scientific complexes of highest level will be constructed, equipped with unique for the country and concentrated on specific place scientific equipment. These complexes will provide opportunities for performing high quality scientific researches in compliance with the best standards and practices. The main activities are planned to take place in close cooperation with the Centres of Excellence in the field of mechatronics and clean technology, as well as in cooperation with the centres in the field of information and communication technologies.

The scientific and scientifically applied tasks will lead to the achievement of innovative solutions for the priority directions of mechatronics and clean technology field, which to have impact on the reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, use of resources and efficient use of energy.

KONTRAX cooperates successfully with almost all universities in the country, working on various projects and supporting many initiatives related to the education, science and new technologies development in Bulgaria.