KONTRAX has successfully secured ETEM’s crucial infrastructure

from 15/08/2023

КОНТРАКС has successfully secured the crucial infrastructure of ETEM by installing and commissioning of incident emergency notification system with automated real time processes. 


ETEM is a leading company in the field of aluminium profiles extrusion, with activities all over the world. They use electric furnaces for metals heating, thus improving the physical properties and qualities. The extreme temperatures that can be reached, are of about thousands of degrees. In case of  possible failure in the operating system, that could pose risk on the life and health of the personnel and result in non-refundable costs. 


In order to prevent this, KONTRAX put into operation the double protected real time alarm system. The alarms in case of incident are sent directly to the main communicator. It is permanently connected in way of mobile networks (irrespective of where around the world it is located and no matter who the operator is) with a cloud server, where the analysis and notification of the interested parties is performed, with the purpose to be timely informed and response immediately on site. The system continues its operation even in case of power failure.