KONTRAX supported and took part in the 9th Balkan Conference on Informatics held in Sofia

from 01/10/2019

The Balkan Conference on Informatics took place for ninth year in a row. Co-organizer of this year event was the Technical University of Sofia. The main purpose of the conference throughout the years is to be a forum for discussions and distribution of scientific research achievements in the field of computer science and information technologies, as well as to promote the cooperation between the scientists from the Balkan countries and the rest of the world, and to encourage the participation of young researchers from the region.

KONTRAX was one of the sponsor of this event that took place on September, 24-26th, 2019, by taking active part also in the discussion through its representative, Antuan Angelov, employee of the company and PhD student at the TU. The topic presented by Antuan Angelov was construction of protected mobile wireless network (MANET) for SWARM robotized applications, developed by him, together with prof. PhD Rumen Trifonov and prof. PhD Ognyan Nakov. Presentation included a situation for coordination of team (group) of robots that communicate in real time. In order to perform complex and dangerous missions and tasks in real time, out of their individual capabilities, the multi-robot systems (MRS) require stable, resilient and secure real time data exchange. In reply to the problem a theoretical concept was presented about a wireless network that can be protected against electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic suppression, radio frequency attacks (DoS) and interception. The team behind this development offers a conceptual model for hybrid modular wireless transceiver, which uses light and sound as transfer medium instead of the usual Wi-Fi or other wireless RF communication.