National Health Information System – powerful tool for analysis of all health care processes

from 09/08/2017


At national level our health care misses lots of registers, systems, and subsystems. The National Health Insurance Fund (NFIF) receives monthly, and in some case also daily reports from doctors, hospitals, and health care institution, but these reports does not include information for paid examinations and hospital stays for hospitals that do not work in cooperation with the NHIF, for example: not very small part of the hospitals for reproduction are not contract parties with the NHIF, more than 50% of the dentists also do not have contracts with the Fund. All paid prescriptions that are not reimbursed by the NHIF are not reported there. Information is collected but it is not complete. If a patient chooses a specialized MRI examination and pays for it, because otherwise he/ she will have to wait long for decision by the NHIF, then this will not be reported and the results stay only at the hospital where the examination is made. On the other hand, according to law, if the patient wants to choose another general practitioner, the whole available information for the patient needs to be transferred from the previous to the new general practitioner. On national level there is no standard for electronic health file and it is unclear what information and in what format to be transferred.

The National Health Insurance System (NHIS) is a totality of registers, regulation documents, and systems that shall provide for collection of standardized information about the health status of the patients and shall allow access to this information for the health specialists. It will be used by the health specialists, but it will be also very helpful for the people themselves – the patients who will have access to the entire information about their health. If everyone alone can make online verification about the examinations made, epicrisis prepared, it will be quite difficult to report activities that are not actually performed.

NHIS will be a powerful tool for analysis of all health care processes. Accumulation of standardized information allows use of statistical methods for its processing. It will be easy to make comparisons between two small municipal hospitals of similar structure of wards and number of beds, and make conclusions why in one of these hospitals there is a boost of prematurely born babies, for example.

“The KONTRAX team on basis of its long-term experience and daily work in cooperation with over 6 thousand medical doctors using the Hippocrates product range, has the experience and competencies ensuring its confidence for being one the main powers in the process of NHIS implementation” – said Yako Pilosoff, Deputy Executive Director of KONTRAX, today’s’ guest at Darik Radio.


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