New STEM centre was open in the secondary school “St.Kliment Ohridski” in town of Kostenets

from 26/11/2021

New STEM centre and Robotics club was open on 25.11.2021 in the secondary school “St.Kliment Ohridski” in Kostenets, during the school fest.  


The STEM centre is planned to be part of the education on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, and for these purposes there are four separate physical, technological and topic spaces equipped with last generation laptops, monitors, interactive boards and displays, delivered, installed and mounted by KONTRAX, for the individual and group work of the students.


For all natural studies there is a data base of lessons that can be presented to the students using special virtual reality glasses. This way, everyone may “enter” the abstract, beyond the visible, world of science, in a magnificent for the imagination way. The experience is enriched through the four plasma-interactive displays with functionality for textbook visualization.


And to make everything even more fantastic, part of the project was also the establishing of a new Robotics club that includes two humanoid robots, which like heroes from “a distant galaxy”. They may speak, react intuitively to gestures and touch, move smoothly their hands and body, and even laugh. The aim of this part of the project is, using preliminary developed programs and commands by students and teachers, the robots to interfere actively in the school processes and contribute to the more accessible and interactive way of experiencing the school classes.