The Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory was open a few days agon in Plovdiv Technical University, established in cooperation with the Kontrax team

from 20/06/2022


On 14.06.2022 the newly constructed Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory was open at the Technical University, Plovdiv Branch. The project is a part of the Competency Centre “Intelligent mechatronic, eco- and energy saving systems and technologies” financed under Operating Program “Science and education for intelligent growth” 2014-2020“. Kontrax was the project leading contractor.

The scope of the project includes the establishment of a gate frame, type “walkway”, above the St. Petersburg Blvd., on 6 road lanes. Installed on this gate frame are two boards, type VMS (Variable Message Sign), 6 different types of WiM (Weight in Motion), traffic counters 12 ANPR cameras for reading the registration plates of the motor vehicles, 2 Laser infrared scanner for reading the size – length, width and height of the vehicles, road meteorological station. The controller cabinets of all sensors are equipped with redundant power supply that ensures their operation even in case of power supply interruption.

Two premises are constructed inside the building of the Technical University, Plovdiv branch – one is a server room, and the other is the actual laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with furniture, computers, display and projector. It is connected with the server room and the walkway through the local network, using a fibre cable. A specialized software allows for the analysis and comparison of the individual ANPR cameras, WiM sensors and other equipment under various meteorological conditions – rain, snow, fog, low and high temperatures. The reports can be used by the Municipality and Municipal Police for traffic analysis of the different time zones, and for sending information about an accident, traffic jam, repair on the road, etc. The managers of the laboratory and the PhD students are trained to operate with the specialized software. In case of emergency the physiological condition of the operators can be monitored with the help of the bio-sensors delivered. The following parameters can be measured and analyzed – pulse frequency, breathing frequency, ECG, saturation, body temperature, composition of exhaled gasses, etc. Thus, the stress condition in case of accident can be determined, as well as the ability to react properly.

This modern laboratory can be used for the practice lessons for the students of the new specialty ITS, allowing them to gain comprehensive knowledge on this type of systems. The benefits of this laboratory will be available also for the RIA experts in regard to the proper choice of sensors and equipment for the purposes of highways, roads and tunnels construction.

KONTRAX performs the warranty service of this system.